This month's Hair Lounge News

What is a 3D Balayage

A 3D Balayage is the latest trend update on the traditional Balayage hair dye technique. 3D Balayage is all about adding multi tonal dimension – like hair color contouring for your hair. The 3D Balayage is great for your hair because it takes the traditional Balayage and makes it more 3D dimensional, instead of streaky or flat. “Rather than dyeing the hair with one single lighter color, there are two shades, and one is always slightly darker. The ending result? Ultra 3D looking lights and shadows that create the illusion of thicker, more voluminous hair without any harsh lines or streaky highlights”.

Men, Do you see a barber or a hairstylist?

There is still that question: “do I see a barber or hairstylist?” Most guys will tend to gravitate to a barber, however that might not be the best choice given their hair style or texture. Typically, barbers are trained to cut shorter more traditional hairstyles with clippers, while salon stylists are trained to cut longer, fuller men’s styles with scissors.  Have you visited The Hair Lounge? 

When it comes to men’s hair, our focus is targeting men’s style cuts where she will expertly blend, fade, and shave. In fact, just like a barber, our stylists can provide a razor cut experience unlike you have ever had.