3D Balayage


What is 3D Balayage?

A 3D Balayage is the latest trend update on the traditional Balayage hair dye technique. 3D Balayage is all about adding multi tonal dimension – like hair color contouring for your hair. The 3D Balayage is great for your hair because it takes the traditional Balayage and makes it more 3D dimensional, instead of streaky or flat. I like to tell my clients ‘”Rather than dyeing the hair with one single lighter color, there are two shades, and one is always slightly darker. The ending result? Ultra 3D looking lights and shadows that create the illusion of thicker, more voluminous hair without any harsh lines or streaky highlights”.

How is 3D Balayage done?

Most of the time, roots are void of bleach. Shannon explains that her 3D Balayage process is where she sprinkles the hairline with strandlights. (Strandlights is a trendy new way to add natural-looking highlights to your hair). This helps make the finished result look natural and more blended. Because of the even distribution of bleach and darker color, 3D Balayage is much kinder on your hair too. “The technique used depends on how much lift you need,” explains Shannon. “You won’t really need to sit in foils, but if your hair needs an extra boost and you want it to be lighter, you might add a foil here and there. This makes the color a little more subtle. Because of this, you aren’t distributing much bleach through the hair, which means there is less of a build-up”.

Who suits 3D Balayage?

3D balayage is not just for blondes. “Brunettes can achieve this 3D effect by adding soft caramel and honey tones to the mid-lengths and ends of the hair,” explains Shannon. “With copper being a go-to color for many clients now, this shade can also be applied through brown hair to give it more dimension and warmth.” So what should you ask for? Shannon recommends you bring a couple of pictures, and she will suggest color tweaks to suit the length and thickness of your hair and your skin tone, as well as how you’re willing to maintain the look.